Men’s footwear and clothing brand Oliver Sweeney have launched their first ever fragrance for men. Named ‘Argento’, it celebrates the brand’s 25th anniversary.

  • Top notes: cedar wood and sandalwood
  • Heart notes: oud and cashmere wood
  • Base notes: patchouli and mosses

Argento (the Italian for silver) has been designed to be a distilled version of the Oliver Sweeney brand, “contemporary and fresh, with reverence and reference to traditional manufacturing and the established codes of menswear.”

Argento uses a warm masculine blend of cedar, cashmere and sandalwood- a nod to the brands’ time-worn benches at their Italian workshop in the hills of the Marche.

Tempered by rich, organic root notes of mosses and patchouli on the Italian Ostro breeze, with intense oud heart notes.