The evocative aroma of Oud has been a source of inspiration for perfumers all over the world for centuries, but it’s potency has often made the oil a difficult ingredient to blend in fragrances without it dominating all other notes within.

In his latest series of fragrances, scent designer Francis Kurkdjian has successfully tamed the intensity that makes Oud such an affecting aroma, bottling it into three textural moods: silk, velvet, and cashmere.

In each of the three parfums Oud has been intricately blended with a considered selection of different essential oil extracts including saffron, papyrus, and benzoin to name a few. This careful measuring creates three intriguing blends that explore the qualities of Oud without letting it overwhelm.

Velvet mood is a dense fragrance that brings together cinnamon, saffron, and copahu balm to release the aroma of the Oud; Silk mood is a lighter blend, with soft floral notes of rose, chamomile, and papyrus; Cashmere mood, the Ape office favourite, uses a blend of labdanum, benzoin, and vanilla to create a rich balm like fragrance that lingers pleasantly on the skin.

Having launched his first Oud fragrance in 2012, Kurkdjian now returns to the material, presenting it with all its complexities in this inventive new series.