The Christmas countdown has begun, the festive playlists are on loop, and the mistletoe has been ordered in bulk for the yearly office shindig. With so much to do and so little time, Ape to Gentleman bring you some top time-saving 2 in 1 tips essential for party season survival:

  1. How about a 2 in 1 outfit? Wear your out-on-the-town T-Shirt under your collar and tie so all you have to do is a quick superman style change and you’re ready to go! Just remember that your t-shirt should never appear smarter than you are.
  2. Style your hair in the morning for work with a flexible grooming product which allows you to restyle later on for your evening look without having to reapply product – 2 hairstyles in 1 day, genius!
  3. Make the most of the evening by meeting up with your mates after the work party, 2 nights worth of fun in 1.
  4. Take the stress out of getting ready for the big night by using 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner containing menthol, giving you a fresh, clean feel that will help keep your hair more resilient against combing damage and give you a refreshing boost. Achieve fuss free, fresh smelling hair and breeze through the party with ease.
  5. 2 in 1 reasons to remember to take mints: Chatting shop with bad breath is never going to get you that promotion, and as experts reckon 70% of British relationships are formed via the workplace* remember to be at your charming, fresh menthol smelling best with the ladies.

Now make use of those precious minutes saved and get to the bar.