As the men’s grooming industry grows we are starting to see the market dividing into one made of niche brands, all with their own points of difference appealing to men on different levels, be it price, performance, packaging and branding. This is good thing Gentleman; performance aside, more brands to choose from means more opportunity to show your individuality, and to find a brand that represents your personality.

Take a look at refreshing UK brand Soap & Glory for instance. Launched at the back end of last year (2009), Soap & Glory has taken the light hearted approach with their men’s range by giving them names such as “The Clean of England” shower gel and “A Man’s Got to Dew” moisturiser, to take the ‘seriousness’ out of male grooming. In addition to the two products mentioned, the range has seven other grooming products, equally inventively entitled; “Knock Your Spots Off” Spot Fighting Gel, “Dry Hard” Anti-Perspirant Spray, “Billy Wildhair” Styling Putty, “Eau Man!” Deodorant Body Spray, “Soap’er Man” Hair & Body Wash, “A Shave To Love” Shave Gel and “Al Fresco” Deodorant Body Spray.


The founder of Soap & Glory Marcia Kilgore, said “A lot of men won’t admit to using products. We’re in a position to make fun of using products. We don’t think men want to approach cash desks and seem to be serious about getting rid of their wrinkles.”

Having tried the products in the range, I would have to say that it ranks mid-to-high when compared to its High Street counterparts, but may be a bit basic for those with more advanced grooming regimes. That said, can’t argue with the value for money, and with World Cup 2010 on the horizon, this quirky British range is perfect for your pre-match Patriotic grooming.