Inspired by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen’s stripped back and intimate feeling portraitures, Paul Smith brings you Portrait For Men, their most individual fragrance to date. In its creation perfumer Barnabe Fillion achieves an authentic and scent with his traditional, signature style we have become accustomed to.

Through particular focus on the quality of ingredients, twinned with a mix of more traditional spices, this latest offering provides a multi-layered texture to the wearer. Opening with notes of Pink Pepper, Bergamot and Green Tea, one is soon greeted with notions of Cassie Flower and Geranium prior to a deeper base of Myrrh, Cistus and Cedarwood. This superb blend results in a woody, spicy fragrance that goes on to yield a musky finish.

Housed in a flacon design, inspired by the essential travel accessories of a hip flask and a camera the, bottle replicates the timeless and elegant aspects of the portrait picture. Constructed out of silver metal and smoky grey glass, the bottle replicates the style and nuance associated with such a snap-shot of time.

Launched over a decade on from the first signature fragrance by Paul Smith, Portrait For Men caters to the modern consumer, seeking that ‘tailor-made’ feel. Simplicity is key within the design of the bottle and when combined with the hints of Japan and India, the wearer is given a true insight into the travels and evocative life affirming memories of Paul Smith himself.

The fragrance is introduced alongside Portrait For Women, and while the two scents are very varied in their essence both, through design, achieve a distinct similarity that is instantly recognisable.