The Penoplasty is the most hush hush procedure on Harley Street, London yet is soaring in demand. To find out more, we spoke to the renowned Dr. Roberto Viel who has a month long waiting list for this very intimate enhancement at no.15 Harley Street… exactly what does a normal day for Dr. Viel entail?


Dr Roberto Viel always remains collected while his white board is scattered with appointments for lengthening / widening operations Dr Roberto’s day is never un-eventful his Harley street practice is always buzzing with clients.

“Now, I know some men – and women – will be amused at what they perceive as self-indulgence. But believe me, large numbers of men reading this will not be laughing – even taking their son swimming can caused heartache’’ – Dr Roberto Viel

Usually in their 30s or 40s – they come through the doors thick and fast (some are as young as 20 and others are in their 70s) – they come from all walks of life: professionals, office workers, labourers, and city types.

The before and after results are impressive – I certainly raised an eyebrow! He is changing the lives of men on a daily basis giving them their self esteem back.

The Demand

Last year Dr. Viel performed penoplasty on at least five men a week – a total of around 300, an interesting statistic when you take into consideration that in the same period of time nationally, just 323 men had a ‘moob job’ (male breast reduction).

In previous years Dr. Viel saw up to 15 penoplasty patients a week but scaled that back to give time to offer other procedures.

“We can barely keep up with the demand. I turn away patients only if they have unrealistic expectations.”

The Solution

For most, it is not a functional problem, although enlargement does increase the girth of the organ, giving certain added benefit to a partner. Most simply feel self-conscious in the gym changing-room or when wearing swimming trunks. They want the operation to make them feel more confident.

Costing in the region of £5,850, penoplasty can increase flaccid length (but not the erect length) by around 1 1/4in, and circumference by about the same amount.

With thanks to Dr. Roberto Viel, you can learn more about Penoplasty via his website –