Design and fashion seem to intwine and inspire each other. These great mediums have the capacity to combine and create objects that are not only intellectually stimulating, but also crafted with precision.

persol-po3056s-2431-capri-edition-sunglasses persol-po3056s-9531-capri-edition-sunglasses

A fine example of this combination is the newly launched PersolCapri’. Inspired by the architecture of Casa Malaparte, one of the isles of Capri’s most magnificent landmarks.

The new collection takes its finer details from the Casa Malaparte, with the classic Persol arrow mimicking the aerial view of the villa, and ridges of the temple inspired by illustrations of steps into the sea.

It only seems natural that the calm curves of this building depict the notion of this exquisite frame. A marvelous example of when architecture becomes unique design.