World Earth day 2010, was recently held on 22nd April to advance climate policy and raise awareness energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs. Flying the flag for the skin care industry is Kiehl’s with their limited edition toning mist. While we had mentioned this on an earlier Friday Five, we wanted to remind you that the Pharrell Williams x Kiehls Toning mist collaboration is now available to purchase. 100% of proceeds up to $200,000 from the sales of the toning mist will be donated to support the Rainforest Alliance. Not bad indeed.

The key ingredient in the toning mist is the Organic Açaí Berry; a “super berry” sourced from Brazil with exceptionally high levels of nutrients. Açaí Berry is also known to be one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.


100% Organic the toning mist fortifies skin with a shielding barrier of antioxidant protection and helps tighten the appearance of pores. The mist tightens pores, clarifies and balances skin’s texture to preserve healthy-looking skin, revealing a more radiant look and feel. The toning mist is Paraben and Silicone Free.

To do your bit for the rainforests (and to rejuvenate your skin) visit the Kiehls website.

Kiehls via Billionaire Boys Club