As the mornings and evenings get increasingly darker there’s no better time to set a little atmospheric light around the home in the form of one of Cire Trudon’s magnificent candles.

Founded in Paris in 1643 by Claude Trudon, the company holds the prestigious accolade of being the worlds oldest candle manufacturer. Their rich history is narrated to great effect throughout their range of perfumed candles, all of which are available to explore and purchase in their new boutique on Chiltern Street. Originally the site of a tailor, the store retains a sense of its former life in the entertaining layout that now houses the company’s candles.


Stepping through the front door you first enter a small reception space that sits at the front of the store, with a large glass window looking onto the street outside. This area acts a sampling room and lets you explore the numerous fragrances available in both candle, spray and stink bomb form in a distinctly regal atmosphere that comes complete with antique wallpapers and reclaimed wooden floors redolent of a the wax wood floors of French chateaux.


Passing through a nearby door you’re led into the rear salon where you are able to select and purchase your candle in distinctly Parisian surrounds. Large cabinets and wine-rack themed alcoves showcase the candles to opulent effect. It was this cosy room that once acted as the tailor’s cutting room, now offering a quiet respite from the city to indulge in a purchase and absorb some of the history behind Cire Trudon.


With a range of candles on offer, including the Imperial Pillar Candle, wax busts and the company’s classic Madeleine, Royale and Flambeau dinner candles, there’s no rush to make your selection in the stores refined ‘old world French’ ambience. This is the first permanent Cire Trudon boutique outside of France and it’s obvious how much care and attention has gone into all corners of the stores design and layout.


With such a variety of scents on offer inside it can be hard to know where to begin. If you are in need of some help picking a candle we suggest you start by smelling the historically inspired scents of Empire, with its imperial notes of pine, rosemary and laurel, or Roi Soleil, with waxed wood scents taken directly from the Chateau de Versailles. Whichever you choose, both make excellent starting points for your own explorative journey through Cire Trudon’s new pied-à-terre in London.