One of the most interesting men’s ranges in recent times, Portland General Store have always taken great care in the presentation of their products. Now they have taken it one step further with their latest Limited Edition grooming kit. Designed and built in collaboration with Owen & Stork, as a part of their Atelier Numbered Series, these kits feature exquisitely packaged variants of Portland General Store’s most popular grooming products. There are 12 of these handmade Limited Edition Kits available at select retailers.

“Although not for every man, and certainly not a starter kit, this kit belongs on the vanity of the most discerning gentleman.”

The Limited Edition Grooming Kit includes:

– Whiskey Aftershave
– Face Bomb
– Pre-Shave Oil
– Whiskey Wet Shave Soap
– Badger Shaving Brush
– Sample Colognes

Photos: Dieline