I’m sure most Gents have suffered during the winter months with their skin – the cold, harsh weather can cause havoc. Not only the weather but other irritants such as central heating can dry out the skin. To help ease these negative effects Gillette have introduced two solutions:

Gillette Series Winter Defence Shave Gel

Provides a protective  layer that shields the skin during shaving and allows the blades to cut close, while helping to minimise the risk of irritation.


– A triple action formula that has been developed to help protect skin against nicks, redness and tightness.

– It contains three advanced lubricants to enhance a razor glide from the first stroke to the last providing a smooth, comfortable shave every time.

– It has an enriched formula, containing glycerine and cocoa butter, and is proven to help the skin remain hydrated after the shave.

Gillette Series Winter Defence Moisturiser

Shaving can remove the top layer of skin cells, taking with them the natural moisturisers. If the moisture barrier is not maintained, this can result in a feeling of dryness, tightness and irritation. These problems are accentuated in winter as the air is drier.


– Rehydrates the skin after sgaving, leaving it feeling smooth and comfortable.

– The non-greasy, quickly absorbed formula contains lightweight conditioners and emollients to help to restore the skin’s moisture barrier and reduce tightness after shaving.

– Contains a blend of conditioning ingredients that help enhance the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

– Quickly absorbed, with no greasy residue.

– Clean and light invigorating scent.

– Lightweight conditioners and emollients leave skin feeling smooth and comfortable, even in the harshness of winter.


To be honest I don’t think the weather is severe enough yet to truly test out Gillette’s claims but what I can say is that the shave gel lived up to Gillette’s normally high standards – good concentration(a little went a long way), no irritation, a clean scent and an easy nick free shave.

Again, the moisturiser did what it claimed – soothed my skin after the shave, absorbed nicely and left it feeling moisturised and protected. The ‘famous’ Gillette scent which many of the after shave balms seem to smell of was apparent – it’s a potent scent but I like it. Gillette products are a favourite of myself and Ape to Gentleman, so I’m pleased to report these products live up to their high standards(and ours). Suitable for sensitive skin. Contains Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter, two of our favourite ingredients.