Rudolf Dassler has been in competition with his brother since their days together at Adidas. Both Puma and Adidas have been renown for their inventive collaborations, but it seems that Rudolf is the first to make the foray into the world of alcoholic beverages with the Puma Unity Beer.

Puma have been advocates of African football for over a decade and they have taken it one step further with their latest partnership with South African beer collective Sao Gabriel. Founded by Brad Armitage and Rui Esteves, Collective Sao Gabriel is to the beer world what made-to-measure is to suiting – enough said. Collective Sao Gabriel was founded during “a search for truth and honesty in the world of beer,” and a “quest for more substance, more authenticity, and more meaning from our day-to-day experiences;” so it’s fair to say the calibre of the beer should be extraordinary.

The Puma Unity Beer bottle has been designed in a similar colour scheme to the Africa Unity Kit which has been approved by FIFA as the official 3rd strip for all the 12 African teams that Puma sponsors.

Although we can’t tell you what the beer will taste like, we can tell you that all will be unveiled closer to the Tournament. So if you are lucky enough to be going to South Africa, have a beer and do your bit for African Unity; now you can get inebriated guilt free.