New UK based brand Quiet British Accent has released a project that compares today’s professional footballers to the gentlemen amateurs who started the game. The bold typographic t-shirts and letterpress print have been designed on a white palette, echoing the white shirts of the original Corinthian footballers.

Whilst there are plenty of obvious contrasts between today’s professional footballers and the original amateurs, the two sets of players were/are ultimately both very wealthy and, largely, untouchable.

Formed by Jason Gale and Sharon Gale, Quiet British Accent takes its inspiration from the growing reach of sport. It aims to tell stories from the world of sporting culture through limited edition fashion, art and design projects and collaborations using a largely monochrome palette and always leaving things open to interpretation.

“QBA is not holding up amateurism as better way, just a different way. They leave it up to individuals to add their own meaning.” – Jason Gale


QBA encourages a level playing field for all and seeks to raise the profile of neglected areas of the sporting world. The QBA T-shirts cost £30 and the project is available exclusively online at