retaW Allen* was the first retaW fragrance that we came across on Ape to Gentleman and has been a staple part of our showering ever since. However, as happens with technology, retaW have upgraded the Allen* Fragrance to make their most popular scent – dare I say – even more appealing.

retaW * Allen version 1.06 has a stronger scent than its predecessor with the floral Cassis scent added, reminiscent of the creme de Cassis liqueur.

The flacon for Ape to Gentleman’s #1 Shower Gel remains the same, apart from the words “-version 1.06-” subtly marked under the title name. The in the new Allen* Version 1.06 Fragrance Liquid is more marked with the previously white bottle being rescinded in preference for the imposing black bottled that mirrors the Allen* Body Wash and the bottle designs of retaW’s latest fragrance releases.

Expect new retaW Allen* Version 1.06 Body Wash and Fragrance Liquid to retail at the same price as previously:

retaW *Allen Version 1.06 Fragrance Liquid:  ¥1,890 (£15)
retaW *Allen Version 1.06 Body Wash: ¥ 3,360 (£25)

Available to the world from Niven & Joshua.