Following their recent retaW x Fragment design t-shirts release, retaW Tokyo have returned to their coveted skin care products with the addition of two new scents; AMY* and EVELYN* PINK.

AMY* is a fragranced Body Wash inspired by the deep, mellow scent of red wine. retaW AMY* contains a plethora of natural oils, namely Grape seed oil, camellia oil, geranium oil, bergamot fruit oil and mandarin essential oil.

Just as the EVELYN* scent mirrors a champagne & vanilla blend, the EVELYN* PINK Fragrance exudes aromas of pink champagne with a hint of vanilla. Retaining the organic theme retaW EVELYN* PINK contains Novara oil, chamomile oil, Kyounin oil, grapefruit peel oil and 5 Rose Marie natural oils blended.

¥ 3,360 (£25)

Available worldwide from Niven & Joshua.