This amazing Japanese brand, and one of our favourites; retaW Tokyo…never cease to amaze. It seems like déjà vu writing this – but they have produced another sensational product. Known as niaR CondiShampoo – it’s a highly concentrated hair shampoo and conditioner in one.

retaW aren’t just creating grooming products and accessories – they are trying and succeeding at creating a ‘lifestyle of scent’. Along with products such as luggage tags and room sprays, retaW’s aim is to fragrance every part of your life. From your morning shower to you office draw, and gym sneakers.

Made with a retaW original fragrance (ALLEN* and EVELYN*, so far), organic and natural essential oils which are blended with plant-based ingredients in Japan. The results are staggering; super-clean hair, softness courtesy of the conditioning elements and above all, a glorious smell. Being two in one, it’s also an ideal convenience product – suitable for gym goers, and sportsmen and sportswomen alike. Thoroughly recommended.