New from retaW-Tokyo are these four festive delights; a range of candles in metallic colour-ways. Created to bring a sense of relaxation each Fragrance Candle is made from a carefully crafted blend of original fragrance oils.

Each scent soothes the body and mind with a truly relaxing aroma, making an ideal gift for that important person, or as a treat for yourself. The varied and exceptionally potent scents are unique and truly unforgettable.

  • NATURAL MYSTIC* – Red / mysterious, spicy scent with patchouli and vanilla
  • ALLEN* – Silver / invigorating, floral scent with lily
  • EVELYN* – Gold / rich, fruity champagne scent with bergamot
  • ISLEY* – Blue / Clean and clear scent with mint and citrus

Made of glass, each candle weights 145g and provides 33Hours of burning time with a Wooded Wick- ¥6500yen.