One of mine and Ape to Gentleman’s favourite brands; Japanese olfactory geniuses retaW, continue to expand their ever-popular range with the release of their Fragrance Conditioner for Fabric. retaW take a step outside of the grooming and skin care world and into the laundry world. At first I was slightly confused by this move but shortly realised that retaW is all about ‘fragrance for life’, whether it be in the shower (body wash), at home (candle), on the move (fragrance tablet) or with your clothes (fragrance liquid and now fragrance conditioner).

retaW – “Fragrance for Life”

One or two capfuls of this potent fabric conditioner will soften, recondition and reduce static in your clothes (making them easier to iron). It will also leave them smelling of retaW’s original and most popular fragrance; NATURAL MYSTIC* – a spicy scent with patchouli and vanilla.

A superb innovation from retaW, I personally can’t wait to see what they create next. In the meantime, my clothes smell incredible.

500ml for ¥2,310. Available from in Japan and to the rest of the world for £33.00 or $29.00 from