Japanese fragrance experts retaW are once again on the scene with their latest release in the innovative Fabric Liquid line; retaW Fragrance Fabric Liquid Evelyn*. A fragranced fabric refresher, the fine, spray-on mist hinted with Bergamot is antibacterial, and eliminates odours from fabrics. It leaves a retaW original scent on clothing, shoes, and furnishings like curtains, carpet, and bedcovers.

The concept is that you give your clothing a unique scent by misting on retaW Fragrance Liquid, and feel connected to your clothing every day of your life.

Evelyn Fabric Liquid follows on from the three existing scents namely Clooney, Allen and Natural Mystic. Going on what we have seen from retaW in the past, we are expecting the Fragrance liquid concept to be carried on throughout the range, including their latest two scents, Neneh* and AL*.

£15.00 (¥1,890) from nivenandjoshua.com