I suppose the question on your mind is, ‘What exactly  is a Fragrance Liquid for Fabric?’. A very apt question – the same question in fact, we were left pondering when the clinical white bottles arrived on our desks.  The best way to describe the Fragrance Liquid… imagine if Tom Ford had invented Febreeze – exactly.

With retaW Tokyo, it’s not simply the ideas that they bring to life, it’s the manner in which they do it.

The fine, spray-on mist is antibacterial, and eliminates odours from fabrics, leaving a retaW original scent. This season we have seen a turn towards heritage brands and vintage; while vintage clothes may look the part, they often hold on to the scents which are not always ‘ideal’. The Fragrance Liquid serves as way to wear the garments of your choosing without nose plugs.

Not limited to use on clothing, the Fragrance Liquid can also work its fragrant magic on trainers, and furnishings like curtains, carpet, and bedcovers.

This very interesting concept is finished off with three of retaW’s already iconic scents, Clooney, Allen and Natural Mystic.

The retaW Fragrance Liquid is an example of the new breed of grooming products coming from Japan, approaching grooming from a lifestyle angle.

Price:  £15.00 (¥1,890)

Available at Niven & Joshua