Designed to envelop your surroundings with fragrance, the popular retaW fragrance room spray has been re-released in a handsome new design. Arriving in black and white glass body, and cylindrical package, each room spray is blended with an original retaW scent.

The retaW Fragrance Room Spray is a unique and highly concentrated mist- best sprayed at home, office or even in a car to freshen up the air and leave a pleasing aroma.


  • NATURAL MYSTIC*: A mysterious, spicy scent with patchouli and vanilla.
  • ALLEN*: An invigorating, floral scent with Lily.
  • EVELYN*: A rich, fruity champagne scent with bergamot.
  • BARNEY*: A relaxing, clean scent of soap.

Fragrance Room Spray, £35 by RETAW-TOKYO