Solid perfume is becoming more and more popular, we believe owing to its size and ease of application. It’s a different way to enjoy fragrance and can be kept in your pocket or desk draw with an easy application. Just rub a small quantity into your wrist or neck, there’s no spraying and contaminating another persons space- it’s throughly inoffensive.

The retaW Fragrance Solid Perfume option is contained in an aluminium tube, compact and full of scent. It’s available in four popular retaW offerings:

  1. NATURAL MYSTIC*– mysterious, spicy scent with patchouli and vanilla
  2. ALLEN*– invigorating, floral scent with lily
  3. EVELYN*– rich, fruity champagne scent with bergamot
  4. BARNEY*– relaxing, clean scent of soap

8.5cm/ 6g for 1800yen. The tube is Vacuum packed for freshness.