retaW (the word ‘Water’ in reverse) Fragrance Tablet is a thick paper-like sheet packed full of unique scent compositions. One sheet can be split into eight tablets ideal for placing in your wallet, car, room, or to spice up your already ‘fragrant’ gym bag.

Following on from their original five scents of the Fragrance Tablets,  retaW have added two new scents to the collection Neneh* [1. We suspect this has something to do with Neneh Cherry, as we’ve also heard the scent referred to as Cherry*] and Al*. We will expect to see the these scents replicated in retaW’s exemplary Body Washes and Moisturisers.

One of several recent releases from retaW Tokyo, this upcoming Japanese skin care brand is certainly one to watch.

Available at Niven & Joshua.

Image: Slamxhype