retaW have chosen the ideal time to release their latest product, the retaW Fragrance tablet (Natural Mystic scent). We’re on the cusp of a scorching summer (I hope) and Gents, as well as Apes, have all manner of goods festering in their briefcases, satchels and the increasingly popular backpacks. The latest addition to the retaW range allows you to add fragrance to all aspects of your life and avoid ‘bag smell’.


The almost paper thickness fragrance tablets are small enough in size to fit into your wallet, and are as versatile as your imagination; add fragrance to your car, wine cabinet, safe, or where it’s most needed for most, gym bag.

The fragrance tablets come in a vacuum packed case, in a sheet 5x10cm in size. The fragrance of this release is ‘Natural Mystic’ but there is every suggestion that there will be more scents to follow.


NB: The term ‘Tablet’ is just a name, the fragrance tablet is not made for ingestion; your breath would smell exquisite, but personally I wouldn’t advise trying it.

retaW Tokyo via SlamXhype

Photos: Hiroshi Fujiwara (Twitter)