Organic Japanese skincare brand retaW have announced the expansion of to their current fragrant lifestyle offering with their latest product retaW Liquid Hand Soap. Along with the new hand soaps come two new scents MARK* and FIONA*.

retaW Liquid Hand Soap FIONA* 250ml

A fragrant hand soap with hints of pacifying fresh apple, FIONA* contains the elegant scent of cinnamon, which also promotes healing.

retaW Liquid Hand Soap MARK* 250ml

Using a blend of almond and a hint of musk, retaW MARK* is a sweet seductive fragrance.

Much like with the organic retaW Body Washes, the moisturising retaW Liquid Hand Soaps are fragrant and leave a lingering scent even after your hands have been thoroughly cleansed.

The retaW Liquid Hand Soaps are due for release on the 23rd May and will be available at select retaW retailers worldwide.