Japanese skincare brand retaW are at it yet again with, as predicted, an expansion in the ranges of the two newest members to the retaW scent family. Fragrances NENEH* and AL* are now available in the following products:

NENEH* Fragrance Body shampoo 300ml
NENEH* Fragrance Candle
AL* Fragrance Body shampoo 300ml
AL* Fragrance Candle
AL* Fragrance Body Cream

Two welcomed additions to the retaW collection, whose fast growing range of innovative skin care is showing no signs of faltering.

NENEH* is a cherry fragrance, probably the most feminine scent from retaW to date which is reflected in its ‘baby pink’ packaging. The AL* scent is more similar to the current ilk of retaW scent, but perhaps a bit more subtle with a Green Tea aroma.


Available at Niven & Joshua