retaW-Tokyo have diversified their men’s grooming and beauty lineup with products for your pet! The new series known as PEELS is designed to fragrance your pet and thus your life. The first fragrance in the PEELS line is sumire* – a fresh and tender scent of violet.

Their are two products available; a Fragrance Condishampoo for Dog (¥2,500), made with essential oils, collagen and hyaluronan to moisturise, cleanse and deodorise. The conditioning effect helps keep your dog, “fluffy”. Secondly, a Fragrance Grooming Spray for Dog (¥2000); made with a mild formula to cleanse and deodorise. Use after washing with the Condishampoo, while brushing. Or if your dog needs a, ‘freshen up’ in between washes.

retaW never cease to amaze with their ingenuity for creating new products, but even this move in to the pet-world surprised us. None the less, the quality and results will be excellent, and no doubt – your dog happy, and smelling like no other pet.