This review is my first of many for Ape to Gentleman, to help you find the best locations for effective, genteel treatments.

So, the task in hand, experience a ‘new concept in natural health care’, as the website ( states and share my opinion. What better day to do this than on the very day the snow that bought London to a standstill decides to fall! Unlike the tube trains, I like snow, but when it is reminiscent of a Siberian blizzard and I am just in my Burberry Trench, my mood is dampened. So to add to the plethora of sport-related ailments, my therapist now has to overcome a frozen spine.

The walk from the chaos that is Clapham Junction was only 10 minutes, whilst walking head on into the blizzard, so very manageable, although in hindsight, catching the bus would have been a better decision. When I arrived the staff were friendly and welcoming, however, the feel of the place was more clinical and I felt as if I was visiting the dentist rather than going for a soothing massage, however, for a professional medical centre, this is better approach. At least I could warm up with some Coldplay, softly playing in the background.

Performance so far, location, good (on a scale of shocking, poor, average, good, spot on); welcome, spot on; waiting area, good.

On to the session. I went in wanting a standard sports massage to deal with some tension in my back, but upon speaking with Danilo, my polite therapist from Portugal, I thought that trying a more holistic therapy to address long term healing rather than one that provides short term gains, would be more sensible. Danilo subsequently introduced me to Kinesiology, ‘ a gracious blending of Western knowledge of anatomy and physiology techniques with the ancient practice of the energy system of Chinese Medicine.‘ What could go wrong? As it turns out, nothing. After a thorough explanation of how Kinesiology works, not to mention a quick validation of Danilo’s experience in this area, the treatment began and I was amazed almost instantly. How a light touch on my collar bone can remove all strength in my leg, I have no idea, but as Danilo clearly explained, it comes down to the flows of energy within the body and if stress builds up, impeding one of these channels, the dynamic of how your body functions becomes compromised.

Well, after 40 minutes of more wondrous tricks, such as touching the tops of bottles filled with herbal ointments to identify which would be best suited to my chemical make up, and a little bit of vocal self-encouragement, I walked away from Stepping Stones relaxed and moving with greater freedom, more so than any deep-tissue massage I’ve had.

The only room for improvement from the session was the temperature of the room. It was a little cold, but then again, that probably served well for ensuring I was prepared for venturing back out into the snow-filled world I had left an hour before.

The verdict on the treatment, spot on. Overall, Stepping Stones is a good place to go. Accessible location, clean and friendly environment and they know what they are doing. I’m sure there are places that may make us Gentlemen feel more pampered, but at the end of day, as long as somewhere does what is says on the tin, that’s all we really care about. I will definitely return, especially since it just happens to be a quick bus journey from my office. Thank you Danilo and thank you Stepping Stones. Finally, thank you readers.

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