The new Babyliss i-stubble beard trimmer has taken the best features of their original i-trim and coupled it with a new cutting ‘system’ to help the precision of your beard shaping. Stubble is a very personable look with preferred beard length varying from gent to gent. Babyliss have taken this into consideration with 15 different length increments for more accurate stubble design. The i-stubble’s floating, contouring head tracks the curves of your face for complete control and precision.

On using the i-stubble, one’s first impression is that it feels well built and evenly balanced in hand. A reassuring feature of the i-stubble, if you can call it a feature, is that it is specifically a beard trimmer, not a razor with a beard trimmer attached as an afterthought.

Despite my scepticism about the speed of shave in the video (see below), I have to admit that the i-stubble is actually as fast, if not faster. More importantly the shave is irritation free, with no tug or pull; the digital length variance actually does work. What’s more the electric razor is very simple to clean.

Key Features Include:

  • Floating contouring head tracks the shape of your face
  • 0.4mm – 5mm length settings with motorised control
  • Advanced power performance
  • Electrochemically sharpened blades
  • LCD screen displays selected length and charge level
  • 90-minute charge provides 45 minutes usage
  • Five-minute quick charge for a single stubble shave
  • Three-year guarantee

Tips for use

  • Ensure that your facial hair is thoroughly clean and dry before use.
  • The final look of your stubble depends on the colour and density of your facial hair – experiment with i-stubble to find the length that’s right for you.
  • Start with a longer cutting length and go shorter as required.
    • For a shadow, choose the shortest length setting – 0.4mm
    • For medium stubble choose 1-2mm
    • For a longer, more rugged stubble, choose 2mm+
  • Hold i-stubble against the hair with the teeth of the comb guide pointing upwards.
  • Move the trimmer upwards and outwards through your facial hair bit by bit against the direction of the hair growth.
  • For a more defined edge, you can flip back the top of the comb guide and secure it under the fastener on the back of the handle. Then turn the trimmer over and use the blade to neaten up the edges.
  • Always clean i-stubble after use for optimum performance.

The Babyliss i-stubble is available now from Argos, Boots, and all good electrical retailers costing £60.00.