A man should not fear the spa nor should he hide away from a facial. It must be indulged – like a tailor made suit or perhaps a good pair of shoes. A place to unwind and relax, it should offer the feeling of immortality; something that ESPA life at the Corinthia manages to do with ease. The new spa concept by ESPA offers everything that a spa should – yet so much more.

The design is simple, elegant and soothing. At first glance, the white furniture and glass tables portray a futuristic living room; its soft leather couches play perfect accompaniment to the calming flames, hidden behind transparent glass. However it is when you are led down the black marble corridors that you are really taken into a world of your own. The curved walls lead seamlessly into gracefully hidden doors – each one offering something new and exciting. The changing rooms present heated tile seating and therapeutic showers. Combine this with a personal sauna and even ‘sleep pods’ to dose off in before or after your treatment – you too, will soon discover this spa is something of wonders. Yet this is just a mere glimpse into what the extensive spa has to offer; the glasshouse sauna takes centre stage to the thermal pool and steam room, as heated lounge chairs allow visitors their full extent of relaxation, while still retaining an air of grace.


“What ESPA have created is something of a gentleman’s paradise – something that all should encounter at some point.”

The treatments themselves offer the same breathtaking stance as the scenery. The range available is vast; there is something for everyone. Treat yourself to a facial or one of ESPA’s signature massages led by their expert staff. Relax and let them take you into a world of your own, as the lights dim and the music softens. The tranquil atmosphere helps to give something more than just a treatment – it builds an experience. Subtle touches, from the oak wood shoehorn that sits neatly next to your dresser, to the little treasure chest for valuables (that sits in your locker), all contribute to an environment conducive to relaxation.


ESPA life is located at the Corinthia Hotel, London.