I’m an occasional electric shaver. For two reasons. Firstly, I ‘think’ a bit stubble looks good!? Secondly, shaving irritates my skin. There are certain occasions when a clean shaven look is a necessity – weddings, job interviews etc. I believe I’m right in saying that most gents on this planet will have to or are currently having to shave frequently or at least keep and tend to a beard or stubble. The eternal question then, to wet shave or electric shave? The new Braun Series 3 razor (electric) landed on my desk last week… I feel the best reviews are honest ones – so here goes…

First thoughts

The Series 3 looks similar to most electric shavers out there. Brushed chrome effect mixed with shiny aluminum and a decent solid feeling plastic surround all contributing to a pleasing feel in the hand termed “Ergonomic Design”. Most notable for me (my current electric shaver doesn’t have this) is the Clean & Renew system, which is delivered in the form of a great little ‘pod’. The pod (as I call it) is to be used post-shave so I’ll comment on this later.

The shave.

As previously mentioned, I keep stubble. Stubble seems to be a major stumbling block for my current electric shaver – struggling to deal with anything seemingly more than a 5 o’clock shadow. The Braun Series 3 claims to have a new Triple Action Free Float system which, “consists of three adaptable independently floating shaving heads, which shave both short and long hairs in one stroke.” The interesting thing here (for me) is the claim that longer hair is dealt with “in one stroke” by the Series 3. The other interesting claim which I picked up on was the floating shaving head’s ability to minimise skin irritation (from which I suffer).

The results were good, my reasonably lengthy stubble was removed easily enough, there wasn’t a need to go over areas of my chin and neck again and again and again. I know there are claims out there from manufacturers who promise the seemingly impossible but the Series 3 does practice what it preaches, benefitting from the 3 contoured heads – I think the ‘give‘ in them helps achieve a closer shave without having to force the razor into your skin in hard to reach areas. An added benefit for me was that my skin wasn’t overly irritated – sure there was some minor irritation (there always will be!?) but overall I’m pleased to report that this was minimal and indeed a lot less than my previous razor.

I completed my shaving experience by using the long hair trimmer on the ‘back’ of the shaver to trim down my sideburns. This addition is nothing new and hard to get wrong – needless to say it worked well and did what I’d expected.

Post shave

The Braun Series 3 is waterproof ie suitable to wash under running water, so after I had shaved I washed off any visible hair. I then placed the head into the Clean & Renew pod which proceeded to “clean, lubricate, dry and charge” the Series 3. The LED display on the front let me know its progress – emerging an hour later fully charged and as good as new!


As far as my electric shaving experience goes, although limited, the Braun Series 3 does come out at number one. I’m by no means an expert in this field but my two concerns, one being sensitive skin after shaving and the other, having long-ish stubble were duly dealt with by the Series 3. Personally I feel Braun is almost synonomous with electric shaving, they clearly have years of experience and know-how behind them allowing them to keep re-inventing these clever little daily chore beaters.

Final word

Wet shave or electric shave? If you choose the latter pick up this little gem, available at all leading health and beauty stores.