‘The eyes are the window to your soul’ so the saying goes and indeed they are, which makes dark circles and bags the unkempt frames spoiling the view. Probably a slightly harsh analogy, but tired, discoloured eyes are a predicament for many men, a predicament more prevalent in the winter. The search for the perfect under-eye treatment continues; brands have tried everything from cream to roll-on, gel to concealer.

Today I put under the knife the Ole Henriksen “Truth is in his eyes” eye treatment; a product that not only addresses the issues of wrinkles, aging and dark circles but is also a peeling system for the under eye region.

The Ole Henriksen treatment comes in a lightweight gel, which is applied by squeezing a small amount onto the tip of your finger. This for most men is the problem with eye products; the method of application. Many find the process to ‘dainty’ or tricky hence fail to maintain using the products. This is why in recent times brands such as Biotherm Homme, Polaar and L’Oreal have introduced an eye roller application method, for ease of usage – perfect for men.

That said (as found by a recent Ape to Gentleman Poll) if the product works, men will keep on using it – it’s here that Ole Henriksen earns his plaudits. It seems more ‘aggressive’ than some of the other eye treatments I’ve come across in the past, but it’s a sign of efficacy; a slight sensation can be felt, almost a touch of warmth –

It’s a reassuring sensation, suggesting that the product is busy at work.

As for results, I have to say that I was pretty impressed; the peeling function does help smoothen the skin under the eye, and there is an almost instant improvement on application. I’d have to rank it up there with the best eye treatments I’ve used (excluding concealers which are a different kettle of fish altogether) such as the Biotherm Homme High Recharge Eye Serum and Polaar’s Icy Magic. If they trade their tricky dispenser if favour of the roller ball application method, you would be hard pressed to deny them the No.1 spot.

RRP: £55

Ole Henriksen Truth is in the Eyes is available from Selfridges.

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