Recently I was lucky enough to be sent the new Rehab London range, and after some fairly convoluted umming and ahhhing (moisturisers never have been my strong suit – or indeed any sort of suit, until fairly recently), I picked out 3 of the products to try out and see what happened….in no particular order, these were:


Revive Survive – according to the front, this is an “Anti-fatigue energising cream for use during the day“. This, I thought, deserves a thorough roadtest. So, off I went, getting myself hooked on a new PS3 game, throwing myself into earlier and earlier starts at work, and then finally going out on an all-hours boozing session with the boss on a school night. All in the name of research, you understand. Sitting bleary-eyed in front of a monitor, I slapped on some of this and tried to figure out how it felt. Ok, that may not have been the best idea, so I tried again when I’d had a bit more sleep and was actually able to articulate somewhat. It’s quite a clean, almost minty, scent, and it is very refreshing. Yes, it doesn’t wake you up in the way a large bar of Kendal Mint Cake followed by a triple espresso and a bag of sherbert might (not necessarily all at the same time, for the more experimental readers out there – this may well atomise your brain), but it does sharpen things a little and the scent alone is enough to keep you just that little bit more focussed. I used this post-lunchtime exercise, and I’d say it worked very well when combined with a shower and all that. Feels fairly cool and does well on the skin, so I’m in favour. Not a bad start!


Scrub Up Detox – this is a “Detox facial scrub“, allegedly. Not being entirely sure what one of these might be, I consulted the other/better/more devious/more intelligent (delete as appropriate – or, indeed, just leave them all in…) half. That, and I read the back to see what Rehab themselves had to say. So. It’s all about removing the dead cells and exfoliating…interesting! Something else I have little to no experience about, but I’m game, so I looked again. And at this point a slight worm of worry kicked in when I noticed the bit about “ingredients from the Sahel Desert“. Sand?!? I’m going to be actively rubbing sand into my face? Hmm. Not the most entertaining prospect, given that sand can be…somewhat unforgiving….at the best of times! Nevermind, I shook the tube and squeezed what looked like mashed slug onto my hands. Again, a pause for thought, reflection, and composure of a long, long essay on WHY it’s taken me so long to even consider using things like this – at the end of the day, you have to admit, the things people do for such vague ambitions as ‘good skin’ or ‘I want to look healthy’ are at times borderline insane! And then I applied it. And I have to say, I loved it. It’s a weird feeling, rubbing this somewhat ‘bitty’ mush into your face, but once you get past it, it’s actually really nice. The smell, for me, invoked memories of beaches in the South Pacific when I was a kid, and it’s a real wake-up blast after staggering to the bathroom in that zombie-like trance first thing in the morning. It’s refreshing, beyond a doubt, and I had that bizarre sensation of having my face having being dipped in slightly melting ice cubes for nearly an hour afterwards. It’s great, but I am advised not to use it more than a couple of times a week if I actually value my face!

And finally…


Morning Glory – C’mon, with a name like that, how could you not?!?! Great name, but not a product that blew me away (as it were!) in comparison to the other two. It’s got an aroma that smells slightly like….hmm. Freshly washed sheets, for me. Not in any definable way, but for me it’s a smell that is quite enjoyable – doesn’t make me want to go back to bed, it’s a cleaner, fresher smell, I think. That, combined with the name, genuinely got me thinking about the first breath of fresh air when you step outside on a sunny morning. That sounds a touch gushy, I know, but I must be in a good mood or something, sue me!

On the whole, the range really appealed to me – a definite winner. The styling of the bottles & tube is pretty much spot on, with the lettering evoking images of chipped/battered masonry or buildings needing patching up, which works very well with the stark black background. The bottles are pretty chunky and solid glass as well, not things to throw around in a bathroom (not that you would, but still?!), but they feel like they can survive a fair bit of rough handling in a backpack or whatever else. Good stuff indeed.

Mr Lippie