Today we take a look at the latest in a new generation of beard trimmers, from Remington aptly entitled the Touch Control. I thought it would be good to see at just how far Remington have progressed in the last 65 years by comparing this latest ‘iPad generation’ model with the first ever Remington razor, the original weighty enamel-like electric razor, the Model E. Made in 1937, The Remington Model E  featured a turnwheel- start induction motor – a similar motion to the 1935 Schick – technology that saw Remington at the forefront of razor technology predating the first Braun razor which incidentally was released in 1938.



Its 2011 counterpart, the Remington Touch Control is equally revolutionary featuring the world’s first touch screen to be used on a beard trimmer, functionally allowing for a smooth grip and visually lending itself to clean lines. To ensure the Touch technology is only in use while you need it to be, and to avoid shaving mishaps, Remington have included a button locking mechanism.

How Does it Shave?

Having my hands on a antique shaving artefact, it was tempting to experience the shave of my forefathers, but the 2 pin plug and voltage requirements soon ended those thought. Model E put to one side, it was time to test the new generation Touch Control. The first point of note was the accuracy of beard length adjustment available; as you can adjust the length in 0.1mm increments, I was in new territory. Currently there is no other beard trimmer has that fine a level of accuracy, and hence I had no prior experience to fall back on. A few test beard patches later, I was happy with my chosen length and proceeded to test out the trimmer on the rest of my beard. The shave performance itself was pretty good and I would say not to dissimilar to that of the I-Stubble, even perhaps – dare I say it – marginally better.  It was not as aggressive as some electric razors can be, but after a few gentle passes the required length of beard was achieved.


Key Features

  • Integrated motorised comb with intricate 0.1mm settings
  • 175 different length options, ranging from just 0.4mm right up to 18mm
  • Self-sharpening Titanium coated blades for exceptional cutting performance
  • Tri Boost System three-step speed setting to allow manual adjustment to preferred razor speed


The downside of the touch control mechanism and digital display is that the energy usage was reflected in the battery life, which was solid, but could have been better. That said, Remington have continued their trend of supplying their razor with a USB charger which means that the Touch Control can be conveniently charged from your laptop when travelling.


Priced at a reasonable £59.99, Remington Touch Control is set to go into competition with the Babyliss I-Stubble (RRP £60) and Braun’s Cruzer 6 (£80); given the new level of beard length accuracy set by Remington you would be hard pressed to find a better option.

One thing is for certain; it will interesting to see if in 65 years from now, Remington can make advancements to the Touch Control, akin to that they’ve made to date with the Model E. Tune into Ape to Gentleman in 65 years, and we’ll let you know.

The Remington Touch Control RRP £59.99. Available from all leading retailers.

Additional Model E Photos: Paul Linnel