There are few products that still manage to astound me; I’m not saying I’ve seen it and tried them all, merely that products rarely live up to their hype. It’s not that the products are bad per se, but the preceding advertisement and ‘chat’ is so embellished, that even if the product gave me the ability to fly I’d be inclined to give it 3 out of 5.

I suppose with the retaW products there is a different element we need to consider here; the range is Japanese, hence the text in Japanese and any such embellishments would be lost in translation.

I always try and review products with a ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover attitude’ but I must admit, it was hard not to harbour some sort of anticipation on trying the retaW range, after a) Seeing the bottle, and b) receiving a very excited phone call from one of our co-editors having just tried the range.

“Fragrance shampoo for the Body & Soul”

A bold claim to say the least, but in this case the title is reassuringly justified. The retaW body washes should be treated as a concentrate, with a small amount required to generate a large amount of lather – instantly vindicating the higher price tag £25. The result is a showering experience that you will be hard pressed to rival; the Geranium [1. Ingredients – Bergamot, Grape Seed Oil, Camellia Oil, Clove Oil, Geranium Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil. OTCO U.S. Certified Organic (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic) Altair Root Extract and Rosemary Extract.] and chamomile leading the way in the Tom Ford’esque aroma-therapeutic stakes, and a thorough, cleansing experience leaving your skin feeling, fresh yet, lightly scented and highly entertained.

While retaW do call the Evelyn a ‘Shampoo’ I wouldn’t see it replacing the likes of hair care specialists TommyGuns, Kerastase etc – possibly a term there that is lost in translation from Japanese. As a body wash it’s definitely up there with, if not the best that I’ve encountered.

Not for everyone, but if you are an avid follower of fragrances such as Tom Ford, Frederic Malle, Annick Goutal, Creed etc, then this definitely is one to add to your artillery.

Available from Niven & Joshua