This year Shiseido celebrate their 140th anniversary in business since they were founded in 1872 by Yushin Fukuhara. Ever since the brands’ inception their commitment to innovation has seen them extend the boundaries of skincare; a true example of their native ‘Kaizen’[1. Japanese for “improvement”, or “change for the better” refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement] philosophy.

Their men’s range has been purposefully growing, with each new addition being as considered and ‘need relevant’ as those preceding them – I’m pleased to report that their latest addition is no exception.

“Facial contours appear lifted, reshaped and the appearance of fine lines is minimised in just 2 weeks.” – Shiseido Men

The Shiseido Men Active Energizing Concentrate is a serum that can be used in conjunction with another moisturiser, or in hotter seasons, by itself. The serum possesses the same ethereal feel as its predecessors (such as the Total Revitalizer) albeit it with a slightly more viscous texture.  A targeted anti-ageing formula, the serum feels light, but leaves a reassuring ‘film’ on the skin lending weight to its argument.

What it does

  • Formulated with highly advanced Energeticel Technology to supply fresh energy to the skin by supporting the cells that produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid[2. In vitro test].
  • Reduces dullness, visible pores and excess oil to create healthy looking skin.


The serum hydrated the skin whilst leaving it more taut, and hence looking ‘brighter’. The oil and pore reducing function appears to work as no spots were experienced during the trial period[3. Tested for one month]. For those with more oily skin I would advise to use either this serum or your moisturiser; alternatively you can use the serum purely as a night cream. In summary, another yet success for Shiseido.
Shiseido Men Active Energising Concentrate £51 for 50ml by SHISEIDO MEN; 020-7313 4774.