Founded in 1976 by Hubert d’Ornano, Sisley’s phytotherapeutic approach to their innovative products has seen them quickly become one of the leading cosmetic brands worldwide. Using natural plant extracts from the best plant species in each category and carefully determining the most effective part of each plant for the desired treatment, Sisley creates the highest quality products from the ground up. Today we take a closer look at their newest product in the men’s range, an anti-ageing moisturiser produced specifically for men called Sisleÿum.

The premise behind Sisleÿum is that rather than using a selection of anti-ageing products, you only need one –  hence truly catering towards the men’s ‘less is better’ approch to grooming.

As well as combating wrinkles, it also moisturises and repairs and provides energy and vitality, cutting your precious grooming time to a bare minimum.

What they say…

Immediately, Sisleÿum provides comfort and freshness; skin is soothed, moisturised and mattified. With daily usage, skin tone and radiance are restored, skin appears visibly strengthened, revitalised and rejuvenated. Sisleÿumcontains 18 natural active ingredients (plant extracts, essential oils and trace elements) for an anti-ageing skincare product that acts on all fronts. The scientific extraction methods employed by Sisley allow them to optimise the concentration of each active ingredient for maximum efficacy.

3 Key Attributes of Sisleÿum

Extract of Alkekengi Calyx
Extract of Padina pavonica
Extract of White Willow- Stimulates the synthesis and protection of the essential components of the dermal structure[1. In vitro test ], for a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, and firmer skin

Anti-stress and energising
Extract of Olivine (provides Magnesium) – “recharges skin’s batteries” to help combat daily stress.
Extract of Malachite (provides Copper)
Extract of Rhodochrosite (provides Manganese)
Extract of Smithsonite (provides Zinc) – Helps form an anti-free radical shield to strengthen skin’s natural defences

Extract of White Horehound – Soothes skin irritations and “razor burn”
Shea Butter – Protects skin and repairs damage caused by climate aggressions
Extract of Wild Pansy –Increases water circulation in the epidermis to moisturise skin[2. Upper layers of the epidermis].

Skin appears visibly revived – a cocktail of active ingredients rich in trace elements was carefully selected to boost cellular energy and vitality.

What we thought…

The light almost ephemeral texture of the Sisleÿum [3. Product trialled was Sisleÿum For Normal Skin] is remiscent of the Shiseido Men Total Revitaliser or the riA Perfect Rich Serum and as they quite rightly say, is soothing on application. The cream is quickly absorbed into the skin[4. Only a small amount is required], and your face feels instantly ‘more taut’ almost as if a thin layer has been stretched over your skin’s surface. To the touch, your skin noticeably smoother, and visibly. Those with particularly oily skin may struggle with the shine, but those with slightly oily skin types should be fine. Those with Dry skin should try the Sisleÿum for Dry Skin as the Normal Skin variant would require reapplication throughout the day.


Very impressive product, visually and most importantly after usage. The products claims all seem to hold true, the only drawback with this one may be the price (£150) but then if it works… Sisleÿum for men for Normal Skin/Dry Skin (RRP £150) is available at specialist department stores including Selfridges and Harrods.