I finally seem to have found a brand that utilises decent (in my humble opinion, of course), self-effacing, ridiculously tongue-in-cheek humour to get their point across. None of these granite-jawed, ridiculously toned musclemen in black & white for Soap & Glory – it’s hit the bad puns, crank up the entertaining small print and settle in for the ride!


First up, let’s go with the deodorant – “Eau Man!” – which comes in a fairly standard 150ml canister, silver & red, which plenty of small print to keep you amused should you ever wonder, “what do they ACTUALLY say on these bottles?”. The scent is fairly subtle when first sprayed – slightly musky, a hint of amber, other bits & pieces that I couldn’t identify, but amongst others include “tonka bean” – I just dread to think! Once on and under the clothes, it fades away, and you rarely find yourself being reminded of it at any point. Does it do the job as a deodorant? Yeah, I’d say – I don’t necessarily feel any less clammy or fresh after one of these ridiculously hot days in an under-air-conditioned office, but y’know, I don’t come out looking like I’ve had some kind of internally-generated shower, nor are my colleagues passing out around me, so this is a plus. Downside is that She Who Must Be Obeyed does not like the scent (and yes, this is her official title in all non-blog related correspondence), so it’s not something I’d wear on a night out.


Next up, ’tis the Facial Moisture Balm (that’s post-shaving moisturiser to you and me) – “A Man’s Got To Dew“. Yes, I TOLD you there were bad puns ahead. Don’t blame me. I just get chained to a keyboard until my random button-pressing makes some kind of sense. Anyway. Ever onwards…it’s probably the funniest of the lot, with a stern and hilarious lecture on why you should moisturise – preferably twice a day – taking up most of the back of the tube. The stuff itself is ok, ever-so-slightly-scented, and it does feel quite nice, not sticky or anything, very smooth & slick to rub into your face post-shave. It’s refreshing, yes, but only really works in conjunction with the whole wake-up kick of a shower and associated shaking off of the cobwebs when you get out of bed. When used on it’s own, it doesn’t have a big enough punch to feel like it’s making a difference, unfortunately!


And finally – on to the Hair Sculpting Putty (or hair cream, to us plebs) – “Billy WildHair” – featuring a guy posing with a hairdryer and what looks like a 15-year-old’s feeble first attempt at a ‘tache in some kind of cop/gunslinger stance. Different, I grant you, but his hair doesn’t look particularly wild to me. They’d have done better with a punk with severely spiked hair than an indie kid who’s slightly ruffled…but hey, what can you do? Shoot the photographer and move on, that’s what. So, what does it DO? Well, I’ve always needed hair product – even when I was in denial at uni many moons ago, I still NEEDED it, I just never used it, and had a haircut mebbe once a term at a push. Sad, but true. The thing is, with my hair, if I leave it to it’s natural devices, would sneak up and afro me before I knew it. It’s fluffy. VERY fluffy. And a mouse-coloured afro is, frankly, just NOT cool on a semi-respectable businessman (or me, either, but that’s beside the point). So hair products are an item of necessity for me. This stuff measures up reasonably well – being a cream it’s easy to deal with, doesn’t take long to settle down and allow you to do some sculpting, and the effects are noticeably there nearly 12 hours later. There’s a slight scent, but nothing that lasts, not unpleasant, but doesn’t really inspire anything, to be honest. It’s very useable, but not entirely for me…just doesn’t quite have an “oomph” factor.

Overall, Soap & Glory have done good stuff with these products – they’re witty, they perform mostly as advertised, and they’re….hmm. Nice, I guess. If you’re looking for a solid brand choice, then yes, this is a good start. If I hadn’t been exposed to some other bits & pieces that I really liked, then I have no doubt I’d be raving about them, but as a result of the ongoing metrosexualising process I seem to be undergoing, my brand awareness and fussiness levels when it comes to products like this have been heightened. Good job, boys, but not quite leading the field – but a big thumbs up to the designers – much more entertaining and likely to appeal to the mass market than the generic male models we see in abundance.

Mr Lippie