It’s said that the devil’s in the detail, and nowhere is that phrase more appropriate in male grooming then when it’s applied to a man’s haircut. You might argue that for the price salons charge now it’s not worth opting to have your hair cut in a more fashionable environment; for around £10 you can visit any independent barber shop for a quick snip at an easily affordable price. What then is it that lures countless men to book their haircuts at upmarket establishments? The answer is simple: attention to detail.

When you pay for a haircut, you expect a certain degree of care to come from your stylist. That brief chat before the cut commences is a good example of where you can establish the standard of a salon. After experiencing the service in the Covent Garden salon of legendary hairdresser Trevor Sorbie, I’m convinced that a man should look at his haircut as an opportunity to invest in himself and not as a last minute bargain.


For over 40 years Trevor Sorbie has excelled in the field of hairdressing, not only has he won the British Hairdresser of the Year title an impressive 4 times but he has also introduced one of the most successful lines of hair products onto the high-street. These products are all on offer in his salons along with expert staff that have spent years honing their skills before being let loose on clients.

My hair was cut by Petros, a creative stylist who explained that at Trevor Sorbie each client is allocated an entire hour for their cut. In this hour I received a full consultation about the cut before my wash. During this time it was clear that he wasn’t just agreeing with what I wanted, but was offering advice on my face shape, hair type as well as considering how the cut would grow back in the following weeks.


After my hair had been washed and head thoroughly massaged, Petros commenced with the cut. Taking great care with his scissors, he avoided using the usual electric clippers that so commonly come into play during a male cut. Carefully graduating my hair into a close style with the scissors he then adjusted my fringe to suit my thick hair structure. At most low price barbers they don’t risk taking much off the front if you’ve not requested a short-all-over style and my fringe had grown into an unstructured mound on my forehead that was in dire need of thinning.

It was clear throughout my cut that Petros was ensuring each aspect he was shaping was done so with great care, impeccable high standards that he honed through the numerous test cuts he was required to perform before being offered a job at the salon. Haircut over, styled and swept of hairs I step out onto Floral Street feeling confident of the new cut atop my head. For once, the temptation to find the nearest reflective surface to frantically adjust my hair was gone and, over the following weeks I found the style grew out better then any I’d had before.

Spending more money on a haircut may still be a questionable purchase to some, but for those willing to invest in their image, the rewards will pay for themselves.

A Cut & Blow Dry at Trevor Sorbie Covent Garden starts from £59 with a range of other services available.