Picture this scenario: You have a dinner date with ‘Miss World’. Understandably you go through the full rigour of your male grooming routine in its entirety, following the most in depth grooming regime to the last letter. You’re looking sharp, in fact better than that – you’re looking pristine. The date goes well, almost too well – the next venue suggested is not a bar as you’d intended, but your home. However on opening the front door, you’re greeted by an aroma that soon wipes that veneered smile from your face. The combination of your gym kit and left over take-away is providing a symphony of odours Beethoven would be proud of. For shame.


Prevent a situation like this occurring, and turn it into another opportunity to show off your expertise, with a little help from Frederic Malle. You may have already purchased his acclaimed ‘Geranium pour Monsieur’ for yourself, now it’s time to treat your home. The fragrance geniuses at Editions de Perfumes have come up with a new way to fragrance your home – Rubber Incense. Rubber Incense is a high-tech version of a classic lavender sachet, designed to perfume small spaces such as wardrobes, dressing rooms and car interiors. The rubber mat slowly releases fragrance for a long time without using electricity or a refill. The fragrance itself is entitled ‘Saint des Saints’ created by Carlos Benaïm  – a precious and millennium mix of wood, incense and stone encapsulated in 100% recyclable plastic rubber. The red rubber mats about the size of a mouse mat and each box contains 3 mats.

The Rubber Incense is available exclusively from the boutiques Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle in Paris and New York.

Finally, the moral of this story is by all means groom yourself, but don’t forget to ‘groom’ the world around you; it could cost you more than you think…


Images via Nathan Branch