At the Gentleman end of the sartorial scale you would be hard pressed to find a more apt clothier than Ralph Lauren with his luxurious ‘Purple Label’ line. The collection is such that, rather than get lost in the reams of exquisite finishes and details – of which there are many – you should enjoy the simple, unabashed elegance and marvel at their impeccable silhouettes.


The collection is always brave; more commonly seen on polos, daring to use horizontal stripes on formal shirts is beyond a fashion faux pas, however the feature is integrated into the Purple Label collection with such ease on the eye and grace, one wonders why it hasn’t been used more. Online, the range is accompanied by a Ralph Lauren Style Guide, which instils in you a full appreciation of exactly what it is you are wearing.

The most elegant choice, these soft Italian yarns range from 7-to-18 gauge and many are “worsted”, or spun tightly, for extra softness.

Note how we haven’t listed any prices; we thought it best not to detract from your enjoyment of Purple Label’s tailored elegance.