The internet coupled with improved global networks have made the world seemingly a much smaller place. As such when events like the natural disasters in Japan occur, the effects are felt worldwide and our collective reaction is

“How Can I help?”

We want to help you to help and support the people of Japan so we’ve put together a summary of links and resources to enable you to contribute in the best way you can.

Red Cross

The first to react and hence the port of call for most Crises are the Red Cross and they are on hand once more to raise funds for relief efforts and human aid in Japan.

Those is the US can donate to the American Red Cross for Japan Earthquake Relief, by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Each text will provide $10 towards the Red Cross’s humanitarian efforts.

To donate to the UK Red Cross visit

To donate to the Japanese Red Cross visit

The Hello Bar

From the guys at Mashable comes a really simple, slender bar that allows you use the traffic on your website to help garner donations for the victims in Japan. For full details on how to implement the Hello Bar on your site/blog and for 6 other ways to support the people of Japan, click here.

Japanese Earthquake Information page

For those with relatives, friends and loved ones in Japan, superblog Honeyee have created an Earthquake Information page with a variety of options to keep you informed as the situation develops. For those in Japan it also contains links to advice on how best to cope with subsequent Earthquakes.

One very useful feature is a Twitter feed called Save Japan – A special Twitter feed in different languages keeping you up to date real time with the developments in Japan.

Visit the Honeyee Earthquake information Page:

Google Crises Response

Google Crisis Response is a multilingual platform that makes critical information more accessible for natural disasters and humanitarian crises. Their page on the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami allows you to access emergency information, maps/missing persons resources as well as donate to a variety of charities such as Save the Children and Mercy Corps.

So gentlemen in times like this it’s important that we dig deep into our resources and remember:

“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.”
George Bernard Shaw