I’m delighted to introduce you to  a newish concept known as Scratch+Sniff Events. Scratch+Sniff was founded by Lizzie Ostrom under one premise:

to raise our enjoyment of the very underappreciated sense of smell.

Scratch+Sniff organises events where fragrance enthusiasts (you don’t have to be an expert of any sort by the way) can meet up and talk fragrance. Essentially the reason I am interested in the Scratch+Sniff concept is the reason why I tried hard to have fragrance experts Les Senteurs partner with Ape to Gentleman; to raise gent’s awareness of the fragrance world and help (myself included) us all to understand scents more. There’s a whole olfactory world out there which I and many other gents are missing out on.

Scratch+Sniff events in more apeish words can be likened to a wine tasting. A range of scents are on offer for everyone to smell and understand through linking them to the theme of the evening. For example, the next event on the 25th January 2011 entitled, ‘A Scented Journey Around the World’ promises olfactory memories from Egyptian deserts to Alpine forests. The crux of the evening is focused around each attendee relating scents to something they can visualise making it easier to identify what they like when choosing to buy. The ‘pilot’ for your scented journey around the world will be Les Senteurs very own fragrance legend James Craven – with experts like James contributing the entry fee of just £12 will be worth paying alone.