For a long time the team at Philips have brought you safe, reliable and innovative products. From lighting to audio – the brand has always set high stadards for technology. Yet, it is the brands 2011 grooming range that is set to once again revolutionise the way in which us men treat and take care of ourselves.

DIY hair clipper


At the forefront of this launch are three new products: starting with the ‘Do-it-Yourself hair clipper‘, it is hard to see what you would possibly change about this normally ‘lifeless’ product. However, Philips have managed to bring it to life by incorporating a 180 degree rotating head; meaning you can now shave all your head of hair with ease, allowing you 100% reach, while avoiding the awkward waving of clippers at the back of your head. Let us not forget the quick charge feature (giving you up to one hour of use), self-sharpening blades and a precision trimmer attachment making it easy to deal with side burns… Not bad right?

Price: RRP £60

Bodygroom Pro


The second is the ‘Bodygroom Pro‘ – designed to follow your body’s contours, it allows you to trim and shave using a 3D pivoting head, avoiding skin irritation. The device itself is sleek with a soft-touch rubber grip for optimum hold and control. It’s dual headed shell includes a trimmer that operates at 5 integrated length settings, with an outer shell  – which is waterproof – avoiding any shower mishaps you may encounter.

Price: RRP £76



There are no mishaps with the construction of their next product: the ‘Multi-groom kit‘ – a multipurpose grooming tool with versatility you would expect from a Swiss army knife rather than gentleman’s accessory. It includes everything needed to meet your grooming requirements: hair clippers, beard and mustache trimming comb and a mini foil shaver. One of many attributes, the multi groom boasts more than eight features; all powered by the long lasting lithium ion battery, giving you a better shave for longer. Definitely the gem of the bunch.

Price: RRP £40