Our contacts over at men’s favourite hair care brand; Shockwaves, have sent us some tips via their talented hair stylist Michael Douglas. Michael reveals the two most achievable styles this summer which saw the return of ‘The Trendy Fringe’ and ‘The 50’s Quiff’; two great styles which are quick and effortless to create, and guaranteed to keep you on trend throughout the remainder of the festival season.

‘The Fringe’ comes in a variety of lengths, giving you the diversity to style and play with the look to suit your face shape. If you prefer more of a slick rock ‘n’ roll style, ‘The 50’s Quiff’ is the perfect look for you. Made famous by the likes of James Dean and Elvis, it’s definitely the best hair style we’ve seen at this year’s festivals!


So over to Shockwaves Style Director Michael Douglas. Michael recommends the Shockwaves Re-Create range, to help take you from a day to night look, without the hassle of reapplying product.



1. Whether using straightening irons or enjoying a wavier feel, the most important thing is texture.

2. Bring the hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead. Using the Shockwaves Re-Create Styling Putty will guarantee long lasting hold with a slightly messy look. Applying the putty to dry hair and twisting it forward with your fingers will give you some natural movement – the perfect festival chic look.



1. Start by blow drying your hair straight, this will work best when styling this look.

2. Rub a coin-sized amount of the Shockwaves Re-Create Styling Wax and work through the top of the hair in an upwards motion keeping the sides of the hair flat to the head – this will add height to the quiff for a more dramatic look. Simple but effective!


Availability: The new Shockwaves Re-Create range is available in gel, wax and putty at Boots and Superdrug, Visit www.shockwaves.co.uk for more information.

Details: Shockwaves Re-Create Styling Wax, Styling Putty and Styling Shaper Gel. RRP: £2.99 each.