It seems the fitness bug has now well and truly caught fire in the UK with more gyms opening by the day, fitness classes, sports clubs and most notably the return of the runners. In recent times, regardless of the time of day or the severity of the elements, you will see people running. While people were car-less and snowed-in at home, the Runners just kept on going. Remarkable.

Working up a good sweat is an important part of skincare; research shows sweating can help to alleviate certain skin infections [1. Eberhard Karls University in Germany have discovered dermcidin in human sweat. This natural antibiotic can limit disease-causing bacteria responsible for skin infections like impetigo] and can slow down the appearance of ageing. As such it is important that we adopt the mentality of the ‘Snow’ runners and add exercise (and sweat) to our lives, come rain, snow or shine.

Today Ape to Gentleman is introducing you to a new fitness phenomenon guaranteed to add more sweat into you lives, the Sledbarrow. What exactly is the Sledbarrow? The Sledbarrow is:

“a three-in-one conditioning system that combines the power of a drag sled, drive sled and a training wheelbarrow all into one unique design.”

  • Drag Sled developed for track athletes to create more power and explosiveness in their core and legs plus develop a greater stride length.
  • Drive Sled for Football/Rugby players to strengthen the muscles needed to blow past their opponent or drive them off the line of scrimmage.
  • Wheelbarrow is the Sledbarrow’s most unique and functional feature. Athletes who have trained with a wheelbarrow can attest to the overall muscular fatigue and conditioning that takes place with its use.

With one of their main motto’s being:

“No-one trains for second place”

You can tell instantly that A) The company is run by Athletes, and B) The Sledbarrow is not really aimed at the social sportsman, it’s built for gents that take their training seriously. To see the Sledbarrow in action, look at the video below.

This is definitely a step up from Slendertone.