Smiley’s happy therapy has been enriched with a new antidepressant program that will give you your smile back. Smiley’s olfactive therapy, the very first antidepressant perfume, is coming today with an audio therapy. Psycho-active stimulation of your emotions, this “happy therapy” already indulged your smell… It is now your hearing that will be showered with psycho-stimulating sonorities.

Behind this happiness cure of a new kind, is one of the electronic-scene stars: demon. For full enjoyment of the antidepressant benefits of this therapy, listen to the music while breathing in deeply smiley’s fragrance. This olfactive video was created by the so-called Prince of design ora-ïto and by Arno Bani. The video clip gathers virtual images and pictures, like a video game, and features the emblematic muses of smiley, Vahina Giocante and ora-ïto, as never seen before.