Classes based on gentlemanly values of old have now been replaced by more relevant skills, skills that better suit the modern society that today’s men grow up in. Elocution lessons seem somewhat archaic in a multilingual multi-racial society, whereas other gentlemanly skills such as table manners are as varied as the countries on the globe.

Thankfully this summer the makers of premium vodka Smirnoff Black are hosting *The Modern Gentleman Masterclasses at venues nationwide, to teach you skills worthy of gents in a modern world.

At the events, experts will share their knowledge on what to drink, how to look effortlessly stylish and how to perfect your grooming routine without the need to spend hours in the bathroom.  They will take place throughout June in London’s sketch, Manchester’s Cloud 23, and Hawke & Hunter in Edinburgh.

Guests are invited to reserve their complimentary place at these exclusive evenings, which includes:
–          Two complimentary classic Smirnoff Black vodka cocktails from the bar
–          The chance to have a free shave at the Smirnoff Black Boutique Barber service or a consultation with a leading stylist from Ted Baker

Light snacks will be served throughout the evening. Dress code is modern, smart yet casual.

Advice from the experts will include:
•         Classic cocktail making – Smirnoff Black’s own top mixologist and Ambassador will invite guests to the bar where he will give tips on upgrading your usual drink choice to something a little different, with advice on the correct glassware for each serve and step-by-step instructions on how to make a classic cocktail

•         Essential style tips – A style expert from No Ordinary Designer Label, Ted Baker will host personalised sessions on how to perfect a dapper smart-casual look, including advice on upcoming seasonal trends and styling tips to give you an individual edge. A range of the latest looks from Ted Baker will be showcased and guests at each event will have the chance to win £200 worth of Ted Baker vouchers to help put the tips offered into action

•         Boutique Barbers – Top-class barber Paul dos Reis will seat guests in a traditional leather barber’s chair in the calming surrounds of a pop-up barbershop booth. Here they will receive a 15-minute personalised session including a shave with a premium safety razor and top grooming tips

Three experts have come together to provide their top tips for the Modern Gentleman:

Smirnoff Black’s own top mixologist gives his tips on how to make great tasting drinks:

•         Don’t throw the bottles. A perfect Smirnoff Black martini is a far more impressive feat than thirsty guests and broken glass!
•         Try to make everything fresh. The smell of juicing lemons and the hiss of opening a fresh bottle of soda all contribute towards the experience of a Smirnoff Black Collins
•         Take your time. Making great tasting drinks is a process that requires accuracy, you’ll look better whilst making them and the drinks will taste better when you serve them

Paul dos Reis (head Barber from Sharps London)gives his tips for a perfect grooming routine:

• If you use hair wax, remember that less is best. You can always add a little more, but you have to wash it all out if you put too much in
• Shave at night. Simply because it gives your face more time to recover before you go out and face the elements (pollution, dust, etc.) If you are getting ready for a big night out and really must shave in the evening, try and do it a few hours before you leave the house if you can
• Don’t be scared to shave against the grain. As long as you prep the skin with a good un-perfumed exfoliant and take good care afterwards. With a good aftershave balm and  moisturiser, you should be fine
• Moisturise. Especially after a shave, remember that shaving strips the face of its natural oils, so a good moisturiser is recommended to replenish the skin

Ted Baker’s style expert Stuart Roberts gives his tips on how to perfect an individual look:

• Keep it simple – if you try too hard it shows. Effortless style is the order of the day
• Reinvent the classic – Breathe new life into timeless styles with innovative little touches, such as adding some brightly coloured laces to classic brogues
• Let your personality shine through – If you feel great in what you’re wearing, you’ll look it. So dress to please yourself, the rest will follow
• Bridge your look – Mix and match styles to create something new. For example, a smart blazer with a casual polo is a great modern take on smart-casual

The Smirnoff Black Modern Gentleman Masterclasses will take place from 7-10pm at:

9 Conduit Street, London, W1S
On June 1st and 2nd

Cloud 23
303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ
On June 8th9th

Hawke & Hunter
12 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3JT
On June 15th16th

Places are limited and subject to availability
Please note that the service is only available for those aged 18 and over
Please note Boutique Barbers sessions and Ted Baker style consultations are subject to availability