Although this post falls under the Apeish category, it would actually be more relevant under ‘Gentish’, but for now at least it will have to remain where it is as currently, this category doesn’t exist. Introducing the Sonic Fabric ties (neckties); skinny ties, 2 inches wide made entirely from Sonic Fabric.

What is sonic Fabric? Sonic fabric is a material made from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% Polyester thread and is hand woven at a family run textile mill in New England. The sonic fabric idea stems from a combination of cassette tape indicators used on sail boats and Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags inscribed with with wind activated blessings. Yes, an odd combination, but the resulting outcome is a fabric that is audible; run a tape head over the canvas surface to reveal the hidden sounds.


The sonic fabric texture, gives the tie a unique look; while it’s not as soft as a knitted tie, it does have an element of that feel about it, yet it doesn’t look altogether normal. Furthermore, when someone asks you, which they undoubtedly will, ‘Where did you get that tie?’ you’ll actually have a decent story to tell. Makes a change.

This batch of ties contain sound collages recorded onto the tape based on looped and layered samples collected on and under the streets of NYC by the designer Alyce Santoro. To listen to the audio on the tie, you will need to have an old walkman, coupled with a bit of time and patience. The ties come in three colours: black (woven with black thread and black tape), dark brown (brown tape, black thread), and light grey (grey thread, black tape). I wouldn’t be surprised to see this tie make an appearance in the next Bond film; it’s the epitome of functional, yet stylish spy ware.