There has been an emphasis on ‘spas’ on Ape to Gentleman over the last few weeks, partly because given the current climate more effective modes of relaxation are called for, and partly because it’s something that we feel men should be taking more advantage of.  Thermae (Roman Baths) were predominantly male dominated affairs, however it seems we have lost our way in recent times. Fear not gents, Ape to Gentleman are here to set you back on the path of relaxation.

While almost all aspects of life are permeated with technology, spas have managed to remain relatively unscathed with treatments true to the original rituals. Saying that, the spa experience has developed to include everything from hairdressers and barbers to a personal training session at the gym.

With new gifting options scarce and other options overdone, spa days are a good opportunity for you to give a gift that you can enjoy yourself – after all she has to have someone to take her there, and all going well, to bring her back.

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